Easy baby knitwear

When the organic wool  and cotton yarns from Krea Deluxe in Denmark arrived a while ago, I immediately wanted to knit something small, sweet and soft. The first one I started was the Vibe Blouse, which is still waiting for the second sleeve to be finished (more on that later). As a temporary project I made an easy baby knitted dress, which I knitted using a free pattern I found online.

Easy baby knitted dress in crea deluxe cotton yarn

I knitted the dress in size 0/1 -months and it took me Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton -yarn in just under two gathers. I had enough yarn left over to crochet the main embellishment, which I saw on the Better For Lack of a Better Knitting Podcast. It was a really pretty little flower, for which you can find the pattern in the Klompelompe book.

The baby dress is knitted with right and purl stitches. There are also yarn loops, cast-on and two-purl stitches, so you can knit a beautiful dress with just basic skills. Start at the bottom and knit in a closed knit up to the underarms and then knit the shoulders separately. At the top I crocheted a layer of solid stitches.

Baby knitted dress

In addition to the yarn, you will need a circular needle (size 3 or according to your handwriting) and it can be handy to knit the shoulder straps with sock needles. One shoulder is left open for easy dressing and a few small buttons are attached.

Baby knitted dress accessories

It’s so warm outside that a dress like this would be nice for me too..  I would just have to make it a bit bigger, so I don’t think it would be ready for this summer…? : )


Our range includes Knitting for Olive knitting patterns for children’s knitted dresses, jumpers and hats. 


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