Children’s knitted leggings

Children’s knitwear is a delight to knit. They are small and cute and the little knits are quick to make. The latest children’s knit was a pair of knitted leggings from Knitting for Olive.

knitting for olive laceleggins

I really like the Knitting for Olive knitting patterns. They are classically beautiful and practical, yet (reasonably) easy to knit. Our selection of Knitting for Olive knitting guides is available in English.

Children’s knitted leggings are knitted from the bottom up and a beautiful lace is knitted right at the beginning. The pattern has a clear diagram of the lace, which made it easy to knit. To me, lace looks more complicated than it really is.

knitting for olive laceleggins

The knit leggings are designed to be quite short and tight, so that the beautiful lace shows through. However, the length of the sleeves can easily be changed, so you can easily knit longer ones.

After the lace on the sleeves, the leggings are mostly smooth knit, so you can also knit them in front of the TV 🙂 The fit of the leggings is enhanced by the back panel being raised in shortened layers.

The leggings will be finished quickly, so there is still time to knit them for the Christmas trunk 🙂 1-3 skeins of yarn(Knitting for Oliven Merino) are needed for the leggings, depending on the size.

knitting for olive laceleggins
Unfinished leggings

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