Mohair yarns

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Mohair is wonderfully fluffy and soft and can be used in many different ways:

knitting as such
connect to another wire
knit single, double or multiple layers
knit with very different needle sizes, depending on the desired knitting surface

We have the following mohair yarns in our range:
Knitting for olives Soft SIlk Mohair
High-quality silk-mohair with a beautiful sheen from the silk. The shades are beautifully harmonious and powdery and go well with other Knitting for Olive yarns. We also have many beautiful knitting patterns for mohair yarn, for example:

Lilaste – beanie – Anjuknits (also available in knitwear)
Olive Sweater My Size – Knitting for Olive
Lasten Olive Cardigan – Knitting for Olive

Krea Deluxe Deluxe Silk Mohair
In addition to mohair, Deluxe Silk Mohair contains silk (45%) and baby alpaca (22%), which makes the yarn less fluffy. The yarn is available in many beautiful colours.

Krea Deluxe Deluxe SIlk Mohair can also be used for the above. in Knitting for Olive Soft Silk instead of Mohair. There are also specific instructions designed for the yarn, such as:

Mohair Sweater no 2 – Krea Deluxe
Mohair Sweater no 1 – Krea Deluxe

Mohair yarn can be itchy, but we have received feedback from both Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair and Krea Deluxe Silk Mohair that the mohair is not itchy. the yarns do not itch much. It’s up to the individual, but we encourage you to give it a try.