Vanerikko Yarn Box for colourwork knitting, white

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How to keep yarns from getting tangled when colourknitting?

We have a solution – Vanerikko Yarn Box – Made in Finland!

Vanerikko Yarn Box was designed at the request of colourwork knitters.

There are four open holes on the lid and correspondingly four different compartment on the box for each yarn ball. The Yarn Box is divided into four different sections by a grid. This keeps yarns from getting tangled when colourknitting. Above the grid there is space for keeping your unfinished knitting project.

Vanerikko Yarn Box can also be used for four separate knitting project and each can be neatly placed in its own compartment. The grid is removable which gives a lot of free space. The height of the grid is 15 cm this gives a 5cm free space between the grid and the lid for keeping your unfinished knitting project.

There is an option to choose a leather handle for the Yarn Box which makes it easy to carry and gives it an elegant look. The width of leather handle is 3.5cm. Yarn Box is available with or without handle.

Size: diameter 37.5 cm, height 23 cm, interior height 20 cm

Material: Birch plywood from Finland

Surface color: The outside surface is finished by semi-transparent water based wood lacquer.

Made in Finland.