Knits and Bits of Life – Knitter’s diary

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Knits and bits of life – A knitter’s diary, where, as the name suggests, there is a place for both knits and bits of life.
Inside the covers of a knitter’s diary, you can now record not only the technical details of the knits you make (for example, yarn markings, colour codes, needle sizes), but also all the little and big things that happen in a given period of time as the knitting is gradually completed.

In addition to the diary pages, the book also includes seven warm-hearted, life-affirming knitter’s stories. All of them are different in their own way, as any path that winds its way down should be. However, there is a surprisingly familiar and easily recognisable set of thoughts and feelings about knitting.

Knits and Bits of Life – The editor of Knitter’s Diary, Suvi Cederberg, a classroom teacher and life coach from Helsinki, Finland, who was always a countrywoman at heart, became hooked on knitting as a child. The hobby blossomed again as life brought a phase where something grounding, calming – something to be present and still in the moment – was needed. Soon we found ourselves in a situation where here and there were little scraps of paper and notebooks with notes on them. That’s where the idea came from: we needed a book that could put all this together under one cover. And because, in addition to knitting, keeping a record of daily events has always been important to Suvi, these themes came together in this piece to create a natural weave.

Language: finnish

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