Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set, Clover


These stitch markers can be used in both locked and unlocked position. Their undulated design prevents stretching of stitches and vibrant colors easy to find. Stitch markers can be attached to a needle or to a knitwear Clover’s quick locking stitch markers can be used both locked and unlocked. Thanks to their design, they are easy to slip into a stitch and don’t fall even when unlocked. The set includes an assortment of stitch markers in a handy box.

The set contains 36 stitches in total. The set includes:

  • Guick Locking Stitch Marker S (10 pieces)
  • Guick Locking Stitch Marker M (20 pieces)
  • Quick Locking Stitch Marker L (6 pieces)
  • Box

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