Do you also sometimes feel that finding a nice knitting pattern is difficult? Or finding it difficult to choose the yarns for a knitting pattern you like? We have put together ready-made yarn packs for just these situations!

The yarn package contains the yarns for the selected pattern. You just choose the colour and number of yarns you want (depending on the size of the knit).

NOTE! The yarn kits do NOT include a knitting guide, which must be purchased separately.

Photos of My Favourite Things Knitwear


Sweater No. 12

The yarn kit contains the yarns for My Favourite Things Knitwear’s delightful striped knitting.

NOTE! The package does not include instructions. The English version of the guide is available for purchase separately HERE

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Sweater No. 14 V-neck

Yarn package My Favourite Things Knitwear Sweater No.14 The V-neck features the yarns for this perfect “Boyfriend” sweater. The loose-fitting blouse has long sleeves and a deep V-neckline. The back of the blouse is longer than the front. Sweater No14.V-neck knitted from top to bottom in one piece

NOTE! The yarn package does NOT contain the instructions. You can buy the English version of the recipe HERE

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