Knit This!, Veronika Lindberg

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Knit this!contains 21 charming knitting patterns that combine Scandinavian clarity with playful details. Modern, feminine and elegant – the wide range of knitting patterns in this size range always puts ease of use and comfort first. The book also looks at special techniques, breaks the code of needle slang and provides useful tips.

There are projects to suit both the more demanding and the beginner, and with the large needles often used, work is completed quickly. From fluffy mohair to more rustic wool yarns, from glowing earthy colours to wonderfully pastel shades – knitting is guaranteed for both the experienced and the experimental knitter!

Knit This! 21 charming everyday knitting patterns – Veronika Lindberg

  • Instructions and texts: Veronika Lindberg
  • Photos by Veronika Lindberg, Jukka Heino and Rebecka Lindberg
  • Editing by Elina Lähteenmäki
  • Editing of the instructions by Heli Rajavaara
  • Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo
  • Language: finnish

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