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An easy beanie pattern designed by Anna from Anjuknitsin:
Materials: you will need 3-4 gathers of Knitting for Oliven Soft Silk Mohair in adult size and 5.5 mm (or according to the needle size) circular needles and sock needles.

Instructions: the hat is knitted with 7-ply yarn, with yarns from the beginning of 3 balls and inside the ball. The yarn is normally taken from the beginning of one of the balls. You can also knit the hat with a six-ply yarn, in which case you will need a total of three gathers of Soft Silk Mohair.

Cast on 64 sts on circular needles and work right every time until the hat measures approx.21 cm. Then divide the stitches evenly on 4 skeins and start dec. Decrease every other layer at the beginning and at the end of the needles a total of 8 stitches per layer. Continue dec until a total of 16 sts remain on needles. Cut the yarn and thread the end through the stitches. Decide and enjoy your lovely new hat : )

Instruction and photo: @anjuknits

Get the bobble
The Hanki beanie is a chunky beanie that you can knit with circular needles. The hat is knitted in Knitting for Oliven Double Soft Merino together with Soft Silk Mohair.

You can download the free beanie guide HERE.