Merino wool yarns

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Merino wool yarns are very popular, and no wonder, as merino wool has many excellent properties. It acts as a good thermoregulator, keeping us warm in cold weather and releasing heat in hotter weather, keeping the skin cool. Merino wool also absorbs moisture well – up to 30% of its weight without feeling wet and effectively wicks moisture away from the skin.

There are different types of merino wool yarns, some yarns feel softer than others. This is because different qualities of wool fibres have been used in the yarn. For example, Knitting for Olives Heavy Merino uses the “outer” and coarser wool of the sheep, which makes the yarn feel coarser than, for example, the thinner Knitting for Olives Merino. However, Heavy Merino will soften considerably with irrigation.

Finishing the merino wool knitwear

A merino wool knit should be finished gently as it stretches very easily. Dampen the finished knit and gently lift it (without stretching) to dry on a flat surface. Shape the knit while damp, but avoid stretching. Leave the knitwear to dry in a horizontal position.

Care of a merino wool knitwear

A knitted merino wool knitwear should be washed at a low temperature according to the care instructions. For most merino wool yarns, hand washing is recommended. When caring for your merino wool knitwear, you should favour ventilation and avoid unnecessary washing, i.e. only wash the knitwear when it is really dirty.

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Malabrigo Rios

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Alpaca yarns

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